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FIT PILLOW – investment in your health



Rehabilitation, therapeutic and preventive tool

/ registered by the State institute for Drug Control /

Fit pillow is approved rehabilitative, therapeutic andf preventive tool.

I tis ideal to get correct sitting posture habits, to prevent health problems

and mitigate or eliminate existing health problems, which bother us everyday

and complicate life. We would like to highlight the positive effects fit pillow

has on functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Fit cushion is ideal solution

how to develop good sitting posture and to prevent health problems resp. how to

reduce or eliminate allready existing health problems from your daily life.


Line FIT Classic fits on any chair

Line FIT Classic is produced in eight basic colors. The surface material is made

of mixed fabrics, which is pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and colour-fast.


Do you want your own unique Fit cushion?

Simply create it. Send us a photo or your own grafic design and leave the rest to us.

Be original. Imagination knows no boundaries.



Send us your own photo or graphic design!!!

Send us your company logo and we will be happy to show

you how your personal Fit cushion would look!!!




A healthy sitting revolution

Fit cushion prevents the static overload of the back muscles and promotes an upright posture thus strengthening the pelvic floor muscles as well as the spine. It comes with a special exercise program, developed by our physiotherapists.




„5 years after my car accident and subsequent back operation I still experience problems with my back. My orthopedic specialist recommended I use a Fit Cushion. Now I am able to sit longer and more comfortably at work, experiencing almost no discomfort. This is a huge relief.“

Martin, 33., Company Director.

„My job requires long hours sat at the computer and I rarely take exercise, as a consequence I am gradually developing problems with my back, stiffening of the neck etc. I have used the Fit Cushion for two months now and can feel the improvement in my back & neck. I really think it works.“

Michal, 26., Graphic Designer

„In my job I drive thousands of kilometers every month. Using the Fit Cushion I find the long journeys in my car more bearable. After such a long drive I am much fresher.“

Peter, 33., Salesman

„I got a Fit Cushion from my employer. While sitting at my sewing machine in work my legs would swell. To my surprise, after only a couple of hours of use, the swelling has significantly reduced. Now I use the Fit Cushion all the time.“

Olga, 56., Seamstress

„Our Fit Cushion design complements your work space either at home or at work. Ideal for healthy sitting and good posture.“


„We are sitting healthy. What about you?“


„I'm back in school and again trying to improve my sitting habits.“


A healthy sitting revolution


A highly valuable promotional tool


The European Union

This project was achieved with the support of European Union

European Regional Development Fund

The investment in your future